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Study Another Language on Your Own? Why Not?

dictionaries in different languages in pile

I keep telling everyone how useful it can be to learn another language. Actually, I’m not the only one . . . I see reports and news stories all the time advocating a second language. Reasons cited include possible professional advantages, the benefits of learning another culture through its language and literature, and “exercising” your […]

Thoughts on Coconuts, Peaches, and Intercultural Communication

I came across an article that I thought might resonate with readers of my blog. It’s specific to German and American cultural differences, but the general point it makes can apply to any culture: many of our stereotypes about each other come from differences in how we communicate.  We can’t make too many generalizations — […]

Got Questions about High School Exchange? Come Visit the Exchange Mom Saturday May 17th!

Got questions about hosting high school exchange students? Interested in seeing a few student applications? If you are in the Portland, Oregon, area, you are in luck! Come visit me Saturday, May 17th, 2014 at the annual Maifest German cultural fair at Oaks Park.  There will be food, musical performances, dance groups, arts and crafts […]