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About the Exchange Mom and Exchange Dad

Laura Kosloff and Mark Trexler brought their first foreign exchange student (from Spain) into their home in Portland, Oregon in 2003. Since then, they have hosted over a dozen students from countries around the world. As coordinators for one of the largest J-1 exchange organizations operating in the U.S., they mentor and oversee dozens of students and host families every year.

I've just found your very helpful blog ...

Hello from Australia! After sending all three of our children on exchange, we are now applying to host in 2019. I've just found your very helpful blog, so will be learning a lot from you I'm sure 😉

Thank you!

Lisa M.

You are always there when we've needed you ...

After going with another program this past year due to space availability at our school, we've come to realize what an amazing exchange coordinator you are. You are always there when we've needed you and you know all the right things to say and do with teenagers!

Sandy N.

You've been amazing to work with this year! You answered all our questions, and anticipated our questions even before we thought of them!

Andi G.

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