Thoughts on Coconuts, Peaches, and Intercultural Communication 

 March 12, 2015

By  Laura Kosloff

I came across an article that I thought might resonate with readers of my blog. It’s specific to German and American cultural differences, but the general point it makes can apply to any culture: many of our stereotypes about each other come from differences in how we communicate.  We can’t make too many generalizations — there are certainly Germans who don’t fit the “coconut mold” and Americans who aren’t “peaches.”  But stopping to think about what *are* the differences can help us understand that sometimes we may not be clear as we think we are when we are talking to someone who has grown up somewhere completely different.

Photo Story: Germans are Coconuts, Americans are Peaches


Have you ever heard the stereotype that Americans are shallow and Germans are cold? Well, this stereotype comes largely from the fact that Germans and Americans communicate very differently: with friends, family, coworkers, bosses, teachers, strangers, etc. During my year abroad in Germany, I noticed several key differences between the ways in which Germans and Americans relate to each other and make personal connections. In this photo story, we will identify the major differences between […]
Image copyright 2012 Micaela Arneson
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