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When the Teenage Brain Attacks

Impacts on a Student’s Exchange Year An exchange student in the Portland metro area was sent home this past weekend, two months early. What did he do? The student’s host sister found him smoking a marijuana joint in the host family home. The host parents found the joint where he had left it sitting on the […]

Paris and Thoughts on Fear and Risk

I have two fundamental concerns: what is safe, and what is the appropriate response to terrorism. About safety, I believe this is an isolated incident. Tomorrow Paris will be no more dangerous than it was the day before that terrible Friday the 13th. I also believe that security in Paris and throughout Europe will be […]

The Montana Shooting: Reflections on a Tragedy and Thoughts on the Future

On April 27, 2014, a tragedy in the U.S. state of Montana shook the high school exchange community from coast to coast, and reached across the Atlantic to Europe. Diren Dede, a 17-year-old high school exchange student from Germany, was shot and killed just weeks before he was scheduled to return home. Diren had reportedly […]