Teens and Cell Phones: A Short Guide for Parents 

 February 15, 2022

By  Laura Kosloff

I came across this interesting infographic the other day. It's a few years old (2016), and I do wonder if there might be some differences in statistics after 2+ years of the pandemic, with so many students having spent considerable time in distance learning. But even so, it's an interesting chart with information parents might find useful.

Among the resources I'd like to point out:

  • Some "must have" apps for parents. I haven't checked all of these out, and would be interested in hearing back from parents about what you think of these or other apps you've used in connection with your children's phone use.
  • Several apps specifically for visual learners and several specifically for auditory learners. If these are any good, I'd love to know!
Parents' Guide to Teens and Mobile Phone Use Infographic
    • Hi Maria — you would need to contact exchange programs in Spain. I’m guessing if you look online for “high school exchange programs” you would find some, and if you go to their websites they should have information on how to become a host family.

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