Do You Know Who Has Studied Abroad? 

 August 19, 2020

By  Laura Kosloff

It's been a challenging few months for adults and students of all ages around the world. If you are a parent of school-aged children, we know you are probably tearing your hair out right now as your children start school, either in-person or at home. If you are a teacher, we know your summer has not been a vacation.

Although we don't have exchange students who we are mentoring this Fall due to the cancellation of our program, we are thinking ahead to possibly placing some students in January and certainly (we hope!) for next Fall. In the meantime, we continue working on cultural exchange issues. For today, we wanted to pass along one "for fun" item. Perhaps it will lighten your day.

Do you know which well-known political leaders or celebrities have studied abroad? There are lots, actually ... and quite a few familiar names. Just for fun, we've created a short quiz about this! See if you can guess three people who did an exchange program.

We would love to hear your ideas for future short quizzes we could put together -- send us your topic suggestions!

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