Tell Us About Your Exchange Experience 

 November 18, 2018

By  Laura Kosloff

Dear friends,

We would like to include on this website from time to time people’s own stories about cultural exchange, both from students’ and families’ point of view. We’re not just looking for families and students to tell us this was the best experience they have ever had. We know you can get that elsewhere, and our readers know that is not what The Exchange Mom site is all about.

Rather, we’re looking for real life experiences. We would like to hear how families’ and students’ expectations may have changed during the exchange and how people have dealt with difficult issues. We would love to hear about things you’ve done together that made the experience interesting and worthwhile, and perhaps some unusual events if you’ve got some to share.

To get our readers thinking, here are two examples from posts we’ve shared in the past. In late June 2015, we went on a road trip with our student before he returned home to Germany; you can read about that trip here. Another example is from one of our local coordinators here in the Portland, Oregon, area, in which he wrote about the wedding of his former exchange student from Vietnam.

We’d love to hear from you, whether it be just a couple of paragraphs or a couple of pages.

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We always welcome your comments. Contact us or leave a comment below!

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