Thought for Today: It’s the Little Things That Matter 

 November 10, 2017

By  Laura Kosloff

Sharing about what’s going on in your life is as important for host families as it is for exchange students. What can you share with each other about your day? It doesn’t have to be an earth-shattering or jaw-dropping story…share the little things, too! It’s what makes families … families.

family at sunrise on pier

  • I think there are two great places to have amazing conversations–at the dinner table and in the car. My hubby became very close with our exchange daughter by talking to her on the way to drop her off to school. If you don’t know what to talk about, I heard a wonderful suggestion on the radio the other day called “Lemons, Lollipops, and Lessons.” I actually wrote a blog about it, which you can find here http://notsomommy.com/lemons-lollipops-and-lessons/
    Hope you enjoy reading it!

    • Brandi – you are so right! Those car conversations can be amazing. I’ve had some of the most illuminating and helpful talks with our students in a car (both the ones who have been “ours” and one we’ve supervised as coordinators). Dinner table conversations are also such a good way to just get to know them better. I love the lemons, lollipops, and lessons idea!

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