Laura Kosloff and Mark Trexler: We Would Love to Host an Exchange Student, But . . .

Your "go to" guide for high school cultural exchanges!
  • Why? Thousands of teenagers from other countries spend one or more years studying in the U.S. They come from countries all over the world, entering the U.S. through different educational programs and visas.
  • What? There can never be too much communication when it comes to teenagers and adults...not to mentioned inter-cultural expectations and misunderstandings!
  • How? In this book you will learn about many of the most obvious opportunities for miscommunication in the context of students studying in the U.S., and how to solve problems when issues do arise.

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Laura Kosloff and Mark Trexler's book, We Would Love to Host an Exchange Student, But . . .

This book is a practical guide for anyone interested in high school exchanges in the US: host families as well as international students and their families. Laura and Mark have been hosting exchange students since 2003 and have been local coordinators for EF High School Exchange Year for nine years. Divided into six chapters ranging from Basics over the Background of International Exchanges to Personal Stories, this book offers advice and insight into many aspects of high school exchanges. ... A great resource for anyone interested in international youth exchanges in the USA.

In the Book, You Will Discover:


What are the key questions you should ask when deciding whether to host an exchange student? Should you host the child of your friend from college? Does the type of visa make a difference in the student's experience? Learn the answers to these questions!


What kind of "training" do students receive before and after arrival in their host country? What miscommunication issues should host families and students be aware of? What are some practical beginning-of-year tips to help families and students succeed?


Cell phones and laptops: bring with you or buy there? Communication with family back home causing conflicts? Should parents visit their student in the middle of the exchange year? What about getting a driver's license?


Read about what we have learned from some of our own experiences hosting and working with students from Europe, South America, and Asia, from sharing personal moments, to showing students the beauty of where one lives, and more.

About the Authors: Laura Kosloff and Mark Trexler

We have been the Exchange Mom and Exchange Dad since 2003 when we brought our first exchange student into our home in Portland, Oregon, to join our two pre-teen boys. Since then, we have hosted about a dozen students from countries around the world — places as far apart from each other as Germany, Colombia, Italy, Venezuela, and Hong Kong — as well as short-term summer-stay students from Japan and France. We’ve welcomed them into our lives and in several cases have welcomed our “children” back again when they have returned for visits.

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