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How to Save Money While Attending College in the U.S.

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By Guest Author Tara HollandEvery year the cost of attending college in the U.S. increases, even for U.S. residents. The average cost of tuition and fees for a public university for in-state residents in 2018-2019 is $10,230. Public universities for out-of-state and international students cost an average of $26,290 in 2018-2019. However, these averages don’t […]

Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Hosting Exchange Students

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By Guest Author Sophia Jones Now may be a great time to consider becoming a host family for an exchange student. An Institute of International Education report stated that the number of international students in U.S. high schools tripled from 2004 to 2016, and more are set to arrive. Many of these students hope to continue their […]

Five Ways To Finance Your Study Abroad Experience Yourself

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Today’s post is by guest writer Victoria Greene. Victoria is a freelance writer and branding expert; visit her site at It’s no easy task taking up a new life abroad as an international student. You have to cope with things like homesickness and the culture shock of living in an entirely different country. Finances […]

How To Be A Parent When Your Child Is On An International Student Exchange Program

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by Jana Grobbelaar, Moomie, South Africa Regardless of whether your child is in secondary school or university, an international exchange program will be an enriching experience. There are many benefits for parents: your child will return with added maturity, a more serious approach to their studies, improved language fluency, and a greater comprehension of human […]

Guest Blog: Why Should Your Child Study Abroad in High School? At Least Three Reasons

Sending your child to study abroad in a foreign country can be a scary thing for most parents. It’s understandable – you won’t be there to monitor them, console them, or even remind them to brush their teeth. But allowing your children to gain independence and confidence through study abroad is one of the best […]

Guest Blog: On #Sochiproblems as I See Them

Today I am publishing a guest blog by Vicki Boykis; it’s a reminder that we need to remember how we all view the world through different lenses based on our origins, our upbringing, and more.  You can see the original blog post from February 7, 2014, visit Vicki’s blog, and contact her here. –Laura, the […]