Study Abroad for U.S. Students: Can You Do It Without Breaking the Bank? 

 May 30, 2014

By  Laura Kosloff

There have been many discussions about the costs of studying abroad, and why this is one of the reasons so few U.S. students take advantage of the opportunity at both the high school and college level. The costs vary, depending on the type of program that a student chooses, the length of stay, costs incurred by the school sponsoring the program, local costs of living, and so on. If the program is through a student’s home university, tuition fees tend to be approximately the same as if the student is at home. But there are other fees, such as passports, visas, airfare, meals, and additional travel.

I came across the Infographic I’ve copied below which gives some of the statistics on this for the college level. University level costs generally will be higher than at the high school level.

–Laura the ExchangeMom

Source: BestValueSchools.com


Study Abroad

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