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What’s More Important, Our Differences or Our Similarities?

I found myself agreeing with an article I read this morning and thought it was worth a quick share on this Friday afternoon. We work hard in our role as exchange coordinators to get our students to recognize differences between their home country’s culture and their host culture here in Oregon and the United States. […]

Reverse Culture Shock: What Language Do You Dream In?

One of the things we think about at this time of year is the fact that our students will be returning home soon. We’ve written about that before; see, for example, Tips for Exchange Students: I’m Ready to Go Home, I’m Not Ready to Go Home and 10 Quick Tips for a Successful End to […]

Thinking About Spring

We must offer an apology to our readers. It’s been about a month since our last post! I think that’s the longest we’ve gone for several years without posting something. In our defense, we have been incredibly busy on issues connected to our lives as coordinators working in international exchange — and that doesn’t include […]

Halfway (Almost) Through the Exchange Year – Holiday Thoughts 2015

It’s the time of year for musings and contemplation of the past and the future. Today, we are thinking about how the past five months have gone for the exchange students in our group, and thinking ahead to what’s in store for them. So much time has gone by, and yet it’s not even half […]

Today, An Exchange Student: Tomorrow . . . ?

“There’s no more important skill to succeed in the 21st century than a global mindset, and there’s no better way to develop a global mindset than studying abroad.” —Ángel Cabrera, President, George Mason University, Fulbright Scholar; author of Being Global: How to Think, Act, and Lead in a Transformed World   I learned something interesting […]

Racial Disparity in Study Abroad Programs

I read a couple of interesting articles today on minorities in study abroad programs; or, rather, the small numbers of people of color and people with disabilities who participate. One article in particular stuck with me. Here’s one statistic about racial disparity that you most likely haven’t heard too much about: Only about 5% of […]

Personal Moments in the World of International Exchange: Goodbye and Hello

Saying goodbye…. As I write this, the exchange students in our group in northwest Oregon and southern Washington are preparing to return home; most are leaving next week, with a few the following week. Two will remain for the summer – more on that in a moment. I have watched teenagers who arrived anxious, nervous, […]

Thinking About Returning Home

A statement from one of the exchange students in our NW Oregon group this year, as she thinks about returning home in just over a week…..: “I graduated from an American High School that became my family throughout this year. Many people say I went on a vacation. All of those people are wrong. What […]