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Trump Administration Announces Visa Restrictions

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The White House issued an Executive Order this past Monday (June 22nd) suspending entry into the U.S. through the end of 2020 for anyone participating in a number of international short-term work-related exchange programs. While the EO does not directly affect high school exchange students, it is worth a quick review to understand what it […]

Exchange Will Continue in a Post-Covid19 World

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Yesterday my trusty calendar reminded me about an event that would have taken place in another world … in the world as we knew it before Covid-19. I sat there for a minute staring at that popup on my laptop, remembering that world.In that other universe, we would have had our exchange student group “farewell” […]

Will Exchange Students Return This Fall?

We have a different sort of post today, given our current lives.Placing Bets on the FutureWe’re all placing bets on the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic … in our personal lives, our jobs, and our financial situations. We all want to know whether the emergency will fade away in a few months, or whether it […]