Thoughts for the New Year on Study Abroad 

 December 31, 2013

By  Laura Kosloff

As the year winds down and we’re all thinking about what we’ve accomplished this year and where we would like to be in our lives for the coming year, I thought I would share with my readers this interesting blog post I came across this morning: Studying Abroad: The Who, the Why, and the Why Not. It’s making me think about some of the things I try to encourage in my work with foreign exchange students and host families: what are the skills we want to encourage, the independence we want to help develop, the cultural barriers we want to break down?  It’s a two-way street … or maybe more than that.

All the best wishes for 2014 from The Exchange Mom.  Please continue to share your thoughts and comments on study abroad and international cultural exchange.


  • Thanks, Laura, for passing this on. I learned a lot reading up on this topic. There have been quite a few interesting studies on study-abroad choices, many more than I could mention in my post.

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