Infographic of the Day: What’s Your Country “Known” For?

This graphic is a bit tongue-in-cheek…but perhaps that is a good idea right now. The truth is, we’re all a bit fatigued from political statements and international news over the past couple of weeks.

I don’t know quite what to do with this “data,” and I suppose some will say the data are a bit suspect. Perhaps — after all, being known as the country of velociraptors seems a bit … well, unusual? Perhaps not — after all, we *do* seem to have quite a few spam emails in the U.S. and perhaps we’re a more interesting target for those sending such emails.

In any event, it’s worth thinking about…and it might, at least, distract your attention for a few minutes. That might be a good thing.

You can see the original of this graphic here at: Information Is Beautiful.

Author: Laura the Exchange Mom

An environmental attorney since 1985, I focus on climate policy and risk communication. I've taught college-level environmental law, administrative law, and contracts, and I do private tutoring on law school subjects and exam prep. I also work with high school exchange students as the Regional Coordinator for EF High School Exchange Year for NW Oregon/SW Washington. My blog ( is about international cultural exchange, with advice and information for students, host families, and students' families back home.

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